Superintendent – Dr. Mark Bezek
Principal – Greg Winter
Assistant Principal – Gary Schuler
President – Joanna Erlandson
Vice President – Briana Giese
Secretary/Treasurer – Kelly Hopponen
Homecoming King and Queen – Todd Braud and Liz Welle
Snoball King and Queen – Steve Stachowski and Shannon Klimek
Senior Prom Theme – Sunset Paradise

Foundation Donors (Updated 11/21)
McKinley Club
Luke Neuville
Scott Anderson
Sam Dinsmore
Dan Bolstad
Adams Club
Annie (Welle) Alt
Leah (Graff) Koalska
Sarah (Swenson) Shol
Matthew Johnson
Cleveland Club
Kennedy Club
Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $1278.99

Reunion Information
The Class of 2002 will be holding their 20th Class Reunion July 29 and 30.

July 29 – Outstate Brewing Company
July 30 – Elks Point

More information to come…

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