Superintendent – Lawrence Wermager
Principal – Ed Bechtel
President – Terry Nelson
Vice President – Donald Kroneman
Valedictorians – Donald Knudsen, Georgia Bowers, K-Lynn Paul, Alethe Olson
Class Colors – Charcoal and pink
Class Motto – Out of school life; into life’s school.
Class Flower – White carnation
Homecoming King and Queen – Doug Hovland and Eileen Muth
Snoball Royalty – Queen Alethe Olson; Princesses Dora Rix and Joyce Moen
Yearbook Dedication – Al Letich – athletic director, coach, and teacher 

Foundation Donors (Updated 8/17)
McKinley Club
Doug Hovland
Don Thompson
Alan Gorton
Claudeen Boyd
Kay Lachter
Donald Scherfenberg
Marcia Ferber
Mary (Bostrom) Wilson
Sybil (Nelson) Westerberg
Barbara (Lawrenson) Cersine
Audrey (Muchow) Thompson
Adams Club
Marjorie (Street) Shearer
Ruth (Hoff) Manning
Linda (Lund) Anderson
Joan (Cashman) Hildreth
Lynne (Davis) Osteraas
Jerome Brophy

Paul Noyes
Geraldine Hilden
DiaAnn (Juven) Smidt
Carrol Juven
Class Gift
Cleveland Club
Friends from Fergus Falls (In Memory of Pat Hyslop) 
Alethe (Olson) Schlaefer
Terry Nelson
Rodney Haarstad
Kennedy Club
Judith (Thompson) Kowalski Hensch
Katharine (Cole) Burke
K-Lynn Paul
Joan (Botts) Tester
David Edlund
Roosevelt Club

Maroon Club

Gold Club Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $11,535



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