Superintendent – Richard Baker
Principal – Jerold Horgen
Assistant Principal – Chuck Howard
President – Lou Trajano
Vice President – Candy Moser
Secretary – Corlin Stien
Treasurer – Joe Cranston
Class Motto –
Class Colors –
Class Flower –
Homecoming King and Queen – Mike Nelson and Kiki Leland
Snoball King and Queen – Nathan Miller and Tammy Schoon
Senior Prom – “When I’m With You”
Bausch-Lomb Award – Mark Schmidt
T.H. Johnson Award  Todd Hauge
John Phillips Sousa Award – Mark Schmidt and Kari Rotto
Norm Galloway Award – Al Kremeier

Foundation Donors (Updated 6/17)
McKinley Club
Fayth Addington
Todd and Lori Barry
Mark Kratzke
Sue Taylor
Gail (Peeders) Childs
Al Kremeier
Karla Green
Karla Connelly 

Tammy (Schoon) Wahlstrom
Tracy (Rendz) Eldridge
Erik Johnson
Dawn (Cooper) Birch

Adams Club
Christine (Smith) Feickert
Jason Pribbernow
Deborah Johnson
Susan (Orandi) Johnson
Steven Rasmussen
Susan Peterson
Jonathan Angus
Don Viger
Paula (Norby) Krueger
Pam (Lindholm) Muxfeldt
Cleveland Club
Eric Lundeen
Thomas Lundeen
Kennedy Club
Connie (Koester) Evenson
Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $3985



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