Superintendent – L.E. Wermager
Principal – Ed Bechtel
Assistant Principal – James Rude
President – Jon Seashore
Vice President – Eileen Erickson
Valedictorians – Denis Hom and Margaret Heisel
Class Flower – Wild rose
Class Motto – May knowledge enlighten our lives and lead us into paths of truth and understanding. 
Homecoming King and Queen
 – Mike Shol and Becky Strande
Snoball Queen – Mary Oelslager
Prom Theme – Shangri-La
T.H. Johnson Award – Tyler Erickson
Bruce Award – Karl Beck

Foundation Donors (Updated 8/18)
McKinley Club
Mary (Jacobson) Schnurpel
Dale Jacobson
Vince Demmer
Craig Jorgensen
Judy Odegard

Karl Beck
Dean and Ann (Roehl) Swanson
Wendy Kremeier
Adams Club
Mary (Mosher) Dunn
Tyler and Jennifer (Johnson) Erickson
Tom Hagen
Scott and Mary (Runningen) Monsted
Susan Stubbs
Gail (Ladwig) Cates
Marsha (Randall) Thiel
Debra Blondeau
Doug Sperling
Susan Gloier
Mary Dunn
Deb Carpenter
Mike Shol
John Rovang
Becky Ogaard
Robert Landrud
Class Gift
Cleveland Club
James Lundeen
Brian Wagstrom

Kennedy Club
Craig Rude
David and Vicki (Harlow) Hanneman
Roosevelt Club Maroon Club
Gold Club

Wessberg Family Endowment
George Wessberg
Total Class Donation – $90,602.16

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