Superintendent – Lawrence Wermager
 – Ed Bechtel

President – Becky Pederson
Vice President – Leah Loomer
Valedictorians – Leah Loomer and Faith Naegle
Class Colors – Blue and Silver
Class Motto – “The fountain of the state is education of its youth.” -Disraeli
Class Flower – Forget-Me-Not
Homecoming King and Queen – David Vigen and Coral Collman

Foundation Donors (Updated 1/23)
McKinley Club
Paul Allen
Vivian Vasquez
Gretchen Farnberg
Barbara (Scott) Hutchins
Kenneth Haugan

Doris (Thompson) Nagel
Vivian Shol
Arlene (Ryan) Melby

Adams Club
Roland Bromberg
Dr. Robert Miller
Loren/Larry Norby (Deceased)
Jeanette (Butler) Stevens
Virgil Estenson
Donald Krause
Colleen (Starin) Garberg
Becky Kuehnel 

Darrel Schuetze
Joyce (Miller) Roehl
John Bergerud
Jean Lindell (Deceased)
Cleveland Club
Gerald Liedl
Thomas Johnson
Class Gift in Memory of Larry Norby
Class Gift
Kennedy Club
Gordy and Joan (Gust) Bakken
Duane Stich
Burnham (Rocky) Elton
Phil Tenney
Roger Rustad
Stan and Donna Quam
Roosevelt Club

Maroon Club

Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $12,219.50

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