Superintendent – Leo H. Dominick
Principal – Ed Bechtel
President – Paul Thede
Vice President – Russell Matchinsky
Yearbook Dedication – “To the Otter cagers who have gained the wholehearted support and admiration of all basketball fans.”

Class Colors – Turquoise and Silver
Class Motto – “Ad Astra per Aspera”
Class Flower – Carnation
Homecoming King and Queen – Russel Matchinsky and Patti Ann Enderson
Bausch-Lomb Award – Dave Larson
T.H. Johnson Award – Earl Schulz

Foundation Donors (Updated 1/23)
McKinley Club
LeVonne and Arlo Hanson
James Bergerud
Adams Club
Mary (Niebels) Hannaher
Deloris Waller
Stanley Haugarth
Sally Orr

Cleveland Club
Ruth (Lundeen) MacKenzie Saxe
Genevieve (Mobraten) Svare

Class Gift
Kennedy Club
Elaine (Mastrud) Canton
Joyce (Hagge) Beck
Roosevelt Club
Earl Schulz
Maroon Club

Gold Club

Otter Club
Arlene Iversen

Total Class Donation – $76,874.07

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