Superintendent – Richard Baker
Principal – James Rude
Assistant Principal – Chuck Howard
President – Mark Tommerdahl
Vice President – Jon Drews
Secretary – Jody Bakken
Treasurer – Carla Rogers
Class Motto – “Yesterday is for remembering, today is for living and tomorrow is for dreaming.”
Class Colors – Dark Blue and White
Class Flower – White Rose
Homecoming King and Queen – Paul Landberg and Jody Bakken
Snoball King and Queen – Joe Devorak and Pam Bergerson
Senior Prom – Freebird
Bausch-Lomb Award – Gregg Palmer
T.H. Johnson Award – Steve Lundeen

Foundation Donors (Updated 12/20)
McKinley Club
Joe Devorak, Jr.
Rachel Hefte
Hollis Davenport
Earl Mollerud

Jill Bjorgum
Tia Scarce
Deb (Viger) Sawtell
Randy Barker
JoLynn (Bradow) Beyer
Sandy (Burau) Holo
Brad Jaeger
Pam Medvec
Mark Hovland
Adams Club
Brenda Moses
Steve Knutson
Julie (Hess) Millard
Mary (Draxten) Paulson
Nancy Korby
Lorie (Denzel) Hultin
Blaine Rasmussen
Kevin and Susan (Davidson) Hanson
Cleveland Club
Mary Jo (Youngren) Rushin
Karen Lundeen
Steven Lundeen
Dean Heglund
Jody (Bakken) Potts
Marty and Lynette (Miller) Ringquist
Kennedy Club
Shelly (Spies) Suckow
Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $7220

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