Superintendent – Richard Baker
Principal – Jerold Horgen
Assistant Principal – James Bauck
President – Dawn Wahldieck
Vice President – Marilee Bengston
Secretary – Bob Beltrand
Treasurer – Jenny Hyslop
Homecoming King and Queen – Junior Toso and Sue Ness
Snoball King and Queen – Kevin Langbehn and Andrea Soby
Senior Prom – “A Night in Heaven”
Yearbook Dedication – John Hermes and Lori Rae Hershner
Bausch and Lomb Award – Jeff Meyers
T.H. Johnson Award – Len Kretchmen
John Phillips Sousa Award
 – Steven Worner and Lisa Burau

Foundation Donors (Updated 5/23)
McKinley Club
Paul and Jodi Stine
Kevin Langbehn
Lance Nord
Amy Jo Armour
Amy Wasson
Julie (Melby) Drews
Lance and Stacey Woods
Rolf Nycklemoe
Mike Beyer
Kurk Werner
Colin Wahlgren
Melissa (Woessner) Munson
Gail (Hoeper) Rocholl
Adams Club
Monica Griffin
Linda (Gaylord) Orandi
Peter Eisenhuth
Stacey (Boese) Herbel

Wendy Duenow
John Hultin
Tracy Obowa
Cleveland Club
Julia Lundeen
Charles Lundeen
Kennedy Club
Chris Wasberg
Janelle (Hitchcock) Johnson
Todd and Dacia (Fjeld) Johnson
Jonathan and Jenny (Hyslop) Westrup
Sarah (Wenstrom) Seltz
Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $14,743.53

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