Superintendent  Lawrence Wermager
Principal  Ed Bechtel
President – Mary Rockwood
Vice President  Dallas Richards
Valedictorians – Sandra Fabian and David Jacobson
Class Colors – Peach and white
Class Motto  Our best efforts today for a better world tomorrow.
Class Flower – White Rose
Homecoming King and Queen  Leland (Lee) Olson and Mary Gail Spies

Foundation Donors (Updated 5/23)
McKinley Club
Susan Felix
Terry Mikkelson
Eugene and Linda Steinbach
Marian (Hexum) Heinz
Beth (Loken) Gedde
Linda (Jorgensen) Kangas
David Nelson

Roger Horton
Janice Wells
Dennis Youngberg
Adams Club
Sheryl (Wermager) Engan
Barbara (Olson) Hexum (Deceased)
Carolyn Wubbena
Mary (Rockwood) Diaz (Deceased)
John Lunde (Deceased)

Danelle Kosciarz
Becky Engleson
Renee (Soliah) Budke
Jeanne (Tomhave) Loken
Cleveland Club
Don and Judy Bradow
David Jacobson
Sharon (Anderson) Stras

Kennedy Club
Gary Mayer
Mike and LuAnn (Hanneman) Rudh
Keith Kielmeyer
Cynthia Davenport
Barbara (Deering) Lorsung
Tom and Barb Welle
Katie (Beamish) Kothe
Daniel Jensen
Daryl Rude
Leland Olson

Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Don and Nancy Shaner
Total Class Donation – $125,478.35

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