Superintendent – Richard Baker (Sept. – Dec.) and Bob Block (Jan. – May)
Principal – Jerold Horgen
Assistant Principal – James Bauck
President – Fred Schulz
Vice President – Dan Trajano
Secretary – Lisa Ciucci
Treasurer – Hien Le
Homecoming King and Queen – Randy Robertson and Tara Bradow
Snoball King and Queen – Fred Schulz and Joan Frerichs
Senior Prom -“Remember the Feeling”
*100th Commencement Exercises – June 9, 1985

Foundation Donors (Updated 5/23)
McKinley Club
Jill (Hubbes) Craig
Rich Robertson
Cindy Kressin
Lisa (Nyman) Wolfe
Adams Club
Gail Supernois-Hedstrom
Lori Viger
Mark Swenson

Class Gift
Cleveland Club Kennedy Club
Lori (Hanson) Larson
Steve and Tara (Bradow) Thom
Kent and Nancy (Zender) Mattson
Penny (Schoon) Rogelstad
Peter Seltz
Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $10,970.45

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