Superintendent – Bob Block
Principal – Mark Sleeper
Assistant Principal – Steve Atchison
President – Jon Halverson
Vice President – Heather Crowser
Secretary – Wendy Kennedy
Treasurer – Gabe Vye
Homecoming King and Queen – Mike Trosvig and Krystel Clefisch
Snoball King and Queen – Sean Lisko and Missy Class
Prom Theme – Wonderful Tonight

Foundation Donors (Updated 8/22)
McKinley Club
Shannon Rostad-Anderson
Gabriel Dean
Jessica (Mandelke) Fyhrie
Thea (Svingen) Fransen

Ryan Tungseth
Todd Metcalf
Blaine Hansel
Dan Bergem
Angela (Bakken) Leitch
Adams Club
Nathan Hoff 
Angela Smith
Ryan Retzlaff
Jennifer Rogholt
Cleveland Club
Amie (Swanson) Aesoph
Kennedy Club
Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $1750

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218.998.0544 ext. 9206 544foundation@fergusotters.org


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