Superintendent – Lawrence Wermager
Principal – Ed Bechtel
President – G. Goese
Vice President – S. Snustad
Valedictorians – Peter Hoff and Anne Thompson
Class Colors – Aqua and White
Class Motto – “Look forward; there lies the future.”
Class Flower – White Rose
Homecoming King and Queen – Roger Wilde and Mary Fossen

Foundation Donors (Updated 5/23)
McKinley Club
John and Karen Soby
Wayne Jacobs
Carol Andstrom

Cynthia (Sether) Johnson

Dennis and Nancy (Aune) Lebakken
David and Pamela Rogula
Dennis Hanson
Adams Club
Richard Nelson
Jacqueline (Nelson) Blaufuss
Carol (Buchholz) Chihos
Barbara Stene
Ben Brunsvold
Dale Trosvig
Billy Schoon (Deceased)
Lillian (Svare) Holen
Delores Forkey
Robert Stoxen
Class Gift
Cleveland Club
Donald Halvorson

Sue (Swenson) Hesby
Rosemary Walvatne

Kennedy Club
Wallace Swanson
Dr. Thomas and Diane (Mathison) Greenagel

Hazel (Honey Sowden) Anderson
Lewis Berge
James and Bette Britt
Arlene (Lunde) Worner
James Neuman
Peter Hoff
Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Jeanette (Deering) Dorn
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $36,959.43

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