Superintendent – Bob Block
Principal – Jerald Horgen
Assistant Principal – Mark Sleeper
President – Andrew Schmid
Vice President – Jason Bernard
Secretary – Lisa Johnson
Treasurer – Brian Hutchins
Homecoming King and Queen – Bill Swanson and Debbie Ness
Snoball King and Queen – Aaron Olson and Megan Hoff
Prom Theme – Hold On To The Night

Foundation Donors (Updated 8/22)
McKinley Club
David and Brandi (Rocholl) Sillerud
Kristi (Bezenek) Campbell

Eric Stratton
Erik Johnson
William Swanson
Wendy Werner
Adams Club
Buzz and Lisa (Beck) Anderson
Lisa (Johnson) Rezac
Jennifer Dorn
Cleveland Club
Joe Greenagel
Rod Saurer
Kennedy Club
Debbie Colbeck
Lance Anderson
Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $7182

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