Superintendent – Lawrence Wermager
Principal – Ed Bechtel
President – Gordon Olson
Vice President – Milton Papke
Valedictorians – David Lundeen and Helen Bromberg
Class Colors – Maroon and White
Class Motto – “There can be but a single goal of education and that – education for freedom.”
Class Flower – White Rose
Homecoming King and Queen – Pat Rian and Elaine LaValley
Yearbook Dedication – “God is its author, and not man; He laid the keynote of all harmonies; He planned all perfect combinations, and He made us so that we could hear and understand.” -J.G. Brainerd

Foundation Donors (Updated 5/23)
McKinley Club
Jo Ann Haug
Cyril Stadsvold
Noel Olson
Karen Lundeen
Joyce (Newton) Haugan

Donna Krause (Deceased)
Donald (Deceased) and Valera Norman
Doris Kvalheim
Ilomae Hanson
Hadley Hanson
Robert Barnack
LeRoy Albjerg
Helen Bromberg
Vernon Johnson
Jim Henkes (Deceased)
Delain Miller
Arvid Bergerson
Class Gift
Adams Club
Robert Kennedy
Marcella (Wencel) Schmidt (Deceased)
Meredith (St. Clair) Lusby
Phyllis (Halverson) Johnson
Dr. Ross and Mary (Quernemoen) Larson
Lenore (Ripka) Sweeney
Harry Garberg
Bob and Carol Heeter

Robert Helgeson
Delphine Silbernagel
Eugene Messenger
Phyllis (Bjorklund) Wampler
Geraldine Johnson
Gary Spranger
David Noyes
Yvonne Marts
Cleveland Club
Marcella (Schmidt) Wildung
Kennedy Club
JoAnn (Brevig) Cole
David Lundeen
Milton Papke (Deceased)
Donna (Boe) Harlow (Deceased)
Roger (Deceased) and Beverly (Schempp) Evavold
Gayle Beecher
Roosevelt Club

Maroon Club

Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $15,016

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