Superintendent – Lawrence Wermager
Principal – Ed Bechtel
President – Tom Blegstad
Vice President – LaVay Copeland
Valedictorians – Mary Hartl, Mary Kay Allison, Marilyn Hoff, David Kvernstoen
Class Colors  Ice blue and midnight blue
Class Motto – The virtue lies in the struggle – not the prize
Class Flower – White orchid
Homecoming King  Tom Glorvigen and LaVay Copeland 

Foundation Donors (Updated 5/18)
McKinley Club
Sonia (Grossman) McManus
Daniel and Sonja Oehler
Mary Kay (Allison) Roper
Ronald Neuman

Steve Leitte
Elizabeth (Quernemoen) Boytos
Wyonne (Maack) Long
Paul and Darlene Johnson
Janice (Bjore) Juven
Gordy and Sandy Kvern
Adams Club
Mary (Hartl) Pettit
Colleen (Blondeau) Waller
Glen Merz
Charles Davidson
David Houge

Cleveland Club

Kennedy Club
Carol (Trosvik) Pribbernow
Ed Darby
Daryll Arntson
Mary (Halvorson) Donley
Ron and Gail Dahl
Hollis and Julia Nelson
Jim Worner
Paul Schmidt
Roosevelt Club
Karen (Kielmeyer) Matteson
Maroon Club
Larry Dorn
Gold Club
Gary Spies
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $60,283.41

The Class of 1960 had the privilege of being taught by Mr. (Dorwin) Hansen for 2 consecutive years (1958-59 and 1959-60).  This was the result of either his assignment being changed or he requested to follow us and then continued to be the primary English teacher for the senior class.  Rumor has it that he emphatically stated (in the faculty lounge) after we graduated that if he would have had to deal with Ed Darby for a third straight year, he would change professions.  Yikes!  Was I really that obnoxious?  Yes.
-Ed Darby  (Dorwin Hansen passed away on Wednesday, November 23, 2011.)



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