Superintendent – L.E. Wermager
Principal – Ed Bechtel
Assistant Principal – Mr. Leland
President – Dennis Echelberger
Vice President – Lloyd Anderson
– Gail Josephs
Treasurer – Bob Johnson
Homecoming King and Queen
 – Glen Soliah and Coralyn “Corky” Stahn
Snoball Royalty – Queen Linda Strande and Mr. Snowman Guy Reich
T.H. Johnson Award – Richard Ofstedal
Class Colors – Emerald and Mint Green
Class Motto – “Knowledge leads the way and we shall follow.”
Class Flower – White Miniature Rose

A new group, Otters Anonymous, was formed this year to let boys cheer at athletic events, a boys’ version of Pep Club. They sponsored a faculty basketball game with the KQWB All-Americans to help raise funds to purchase maroon blazers for athletes on game day events.

The 1967 Ski Team was the only school in Region 6 to field a team. Members included Marty Gervais, Doug Stigen, Jim Shaver, Dave Dornholt, Gerg Vraspir, Steve Horton and Coach Mr. Ralston Koepsell.

This year’s sophomore class was the largest ever to come over from the junior high. This expansion in students called for an expansion in teachers. So new teachers were hired which meant more room was needed, so the Vocational Wing was approved by the community. The only hitch in completing the project was when a certain group of workers went on strike, which caused a delay in getting materials. The building wasn’t completed in time for the fall quarter. Some new classes offered in the new building included Basic Drawing, General Metals I, Girls Shop, Architectural Drawing, Machine Shop and Welding, Salesmanship and Radio and Electronics.

Foundation Donors (Updated 7/21)
McKinley Club
Doris (Stigen) Kraemer
Don and Jan Lindblom
Gerald Pergande
Steve and Diane Christianson
Sharon (Iversen) Horton
Richard Galena
Merilee Maiolini
Robert Welle
Lloyd Anderson
Sharon Johnson
Karalyn (Schulz) Harrington
Adams Club
Lauris Woessner
David Messenger
James Shaver
Richard Ofstedal
Marcy Hanneman
Nancy (Nelson) Johnson
Mark Stock
Gordon and Judy Island
Linda (Strande) Goepferd
Diane (Jensen) Norgren
Luther Rotto
Catherine Thome
Tom Morstad
Class Gift
Cleveland Club
Lee Mosher

Kennedy Club
Marcus Wing
Stephanie (Araskog) O’Brien
Bob Welle
Deborah Stock
Roosevelt Club
Stephen Rufer
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $22,427.30

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