Superintendent – Richard Baker
Principal – Jerold Horgen
Assistant Principal – Chuck Howard
President – Jay Reinan
Vice President – Mark Hoffman
Secretary – Sandy Brooks
Treasurer – Lori Bendickson
Homecoming King and Queen – Mike Phillips and Shannon McKenzie
Snoball King and Queen – Brett and Erlandson and Teri Hitchcock
Senior Prom – “A Night to Remember”
Bausch-Lomb Award – Trisha Fjestad
T.H. Johnson Award – Scott Mesker
John Phillips Sousa Award
 – Tim Bradow and Pamela Sonmor

Norm Galloway Award – Scott Mesker

Foundation Donors (Updated 8/22)
McKinley Club
Daniel Anderson
Kathleen Schmaltz
Angela Devorak
Darwin and Jennifer Babst
Brad and Kim (Anderson) Johnson
Terence and Jaclyn Evavold
Heather McAllister
Kari Orlando
Kathy (Bratlien) Hermes
Kristi (Armstrong) Studniski
Robyn and Clyde Craig
Sara (Sanderson) Thompson
Joe and Joyce Anderson
Adams Club
Erik Nycklemoe
Steven Mickelson
Kyle Johnson
Jerry Juven
Keith Lien
Pamela Sonmor-Wintz
Janette (Johnson) Fletchall
Lori Ronning Folland
Deron Birch
Reid Olson
Cleveland Club
Margaret (Houlton) Orandi
Steven Hanson

Kennedy Club
Suzanne (Soby) Demuth
Curt Olsen
Roosevelt Club
Ellen Anderson

Maroon Club
Chuck and Linda (Johnson) MacFarlane
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $24,062

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