Superintendent – Lawrence Wermager
Principal – Ed Bechtel
President – John Hyslop
Vice President – Marcia Mittelstadt
Valedictorians – Kristie Kvernstoen and Karen Berg
Class Colors – Blue and Silver
Class Motto – “With the tools of knowledge we will build an age.”
Class Flower – Blue Iris
Homecoming King and Queen – Richard Beck and Diane Stock
Snoball King and Queen – Kenneth Kothe and Marlys Peterson
Yearbook Dedication – Diane Scott, killed in a car-train accident
T.H. Johnson Award – Kenneth Kothe
Bruce Award – Kenneth Kothe 

Class News
On August 11, 2018, Kenneth Kothe was inducted into the Fergus Falls Sports Hall of Fame.

Foundation Donors (Updated 7/21)
McKinley Club
Sharon (Benjamin) Taylor
Paul Neuman
Victoria Drake
Richard Carlson
Patti Spranger
Dave Peterson
Hans Ronnevik
Rosalind Rinke
Joanne (Rossow) Larson
Adams Club
Gary Horton

Shirley (Sundberg) Lokken
Kathy Baker
Larry Rose
Connie Peterson
Charles L. Beck (Deceased)

Diane (Stock) Miller
Clint and Anne (Gedde) Halvorson

Pat Stock
Joy Ann Alvares
Cleveland Club
Knut Horneland
Harold Tysver
Gary Clambey
Jane (Wright) Pasipoularides
Charles Beck
Leonard Fyhrie
Joan (Anderson) Maynard

Kennedy Club
George Mathison
Steven Emerson
Marcia (Mittelstadt) Kraut
Tom O’Brien
Mary (Rude) Neuman
Kay (Sethre) Eckman
Dr. Richard Beck
Bill Luther
Connie (Soronen) Swenson
Larry Johnson
Kenneth Kothe
Roosevelt Club
Allen Thunselle (Deceased)
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $165,340.44

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