Superintendent – Richard Baker
Principal – James Rude
Assistant Principal – Charles Howard
President – Brian Draxten
Vice President – Mike Melby
Class Colors – Red, White and Blue
Class Motto –Follow your dreams; as you dream, so you shall become.”
Homecoming King and Queen – Mike Thomas and Linnae Ferber
Snoball King and Queen – Lonny Auseth and Marci Ringquist
Prom Theme – Stairway to Heaven
Bausch-Lomb Award – David Rogers, Daryl Hexum
T.H. Johnson Award – Jeff Leitch

Foundation Donors (Updated 8/22)
McKinley Club
Linnae (Miller) Slattery
Kari (Weseman) Kjesbo
Jeff Kerr
Denise Gerhardson

Jean Rustand
Cheryl Buck 

John Mandelke
Curt Hom
Teri Randall
Frank Gerdin
Laurel (Nelson) Peterson
Stuart Klovstad
Carla Kubeny
Pam (Hanson) Reger
John Hegstad
Milly (Synstelien) Osmundson
Mike Aho

Adams Club
Kirsten Olson
Lori (Johnson) Beske
John Ernst
Greg Burau

Clark Mullen
Bonnie and James Roed
Jeff Austin
Jacki Knapp-Raaen

Jewel (Dewey) Lundquist
Rachel O’Brien
Kim Bakken-Parr

James and Bonnie Roed
Susan Gonzalez
Wade Noack
Lynn (Lorsung) Bakke
Tamara Anderson
Kurt Kastella
Dean and Della Johnson
Cheri Nettleton
Class Gift
Cleveland Club
Gregg Lundeen

Karin Anderson
Mary (Connelly) Bressler
Brian Draxten
Tami (Kugler) Collins
Amy (Gervais) Evavold

Kennedy Club
Kathleen Millard
Christi (Harlow) Brendmoen
John Reinan
Kristi (Cole) Boe
Vivian Whipple
Douglas and Karen (Youngren) Brewers
Roosevelt Club
Cathy (Zender) Welle
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $24,824.87

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