FFHS “Lost” Alumni

April 3, 2019 by 544foundation

We need your help! There are 1250 alumni who are considered “lost” and chances are, you know the whereabouts of at least one of them. Please consider taking a few minutes to scroll through the list (the link is at the bottom of this page).

The “lost” are sorted alphabetically by class.

Alumni in the older classes most likely are deceased, but without confirmation, I’m not comfortable giving them that designation.

If you know someone is deceased, please let me know. If you know the day, year and/or month they died, even better.

Please DO NOT just give me leads (i.e. “they work at the hospital” or “you can find them on Facebook”). I am looking for physical mailing addresses. Just providing a phone number or an email address WILL NOT get them off the “Lost” list.

The Foundation is the “keeper of addresses” for Fergus Falls High School alumni. Addresses will be used for alumni newsletter mailings and reunion planning. If you do not want to receive ANY mail from us, please still get me your address and I will make a “Requested No Mail” note on your entry.

Updates can be sent to: 544foundation@fergusotters.org or sent through Facebook. Thanks for your help!

FFHS “Lost” Alumni

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