Quilts of Valor Partnership

April 16, 2018 by 544foundation

The 544 Education Foundation has partnered with Quilts of Valor Minnesota (local chapter in Fergus Falls) to find and honor Fergus Falls High School alumni veterans who have been “touched by war.” Quilts of Valor say “Thank you for your service and sacrifice” and “Welcome Home”! 

To nominate a family member or classmate, or to request a quilt for yourself, please fill out the nomination form and send it to the 544 Education Foundation either by mail or email (addresses are below). DO NOT send the nomination form to the national headquarters. The Fergus Falls chapter of “Quilts” would like our Fergus Falls High School alumni veterans to get a quilt that was made in Fergus Falls.

QOV Nomination Form

A Quilt of Valor is a single lifetime award. There are so many recipients to cover that they cannot award more than one quilt to any individual veteran or service member.

For more information about Quilts of Valor and the amazing work the organization does, please visit www.qovf.org.

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