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September 27, 2000. Non-profit status, 501 (c) (3).

Contact Information
518 Friberg Avenue, Fergus Falls, MN 56537
Tel. (218) 998-0544, ext. 9206
Fax (218) 998-0952

Executive Director
Mindy (Hanneman) Fuder
Class of 1997

To enhance the quality of public education in Independent School District #544.

To raise, invest and grant money through a charitable foundation to support educational programs.

Core Values
The Fergus Falls 544 Foundation supports the following principles:
– Top priority is best interest of students
– Assist Fergus Falls Public Schools to accomplish their educational mission
– Continue to strive for an immediate impact with the awarding of grants
– Focus on long-term goals for financial stability
– The Foundation will be remain neutral on district policy

NEW! Donor Levels
Up to $99 – McKinley Club (formerly Annual)
$100-$499 – Adams Club (formerly Spirit)
$500 – $999 – Cleveland Club (formerly Maroon & Gold)
$1000 – $4,999 – Kennedy Club (formerly Otter Club)
$5,000-$9,999 – Roosevelt Club (formerly Founder)
$10,000-$24,999 – Maroon Club (formerly Builder)
$25,000-$49,999 – Gold Club (formerly President’s Club)
$50,000 or more – Otter Club (formerly Named Endowment)

Board Members
Mary Dolan (’79)
Robert Anderson (Community Member)
Scott DeBrito (’93)
Bob Duncan (Community Member)
Tom Hintgen (’66)
Linda Mellon (’72)
Nick Mariotti (’97)
Dawn Tenneson (’91)
Terry Harrington (Retired Faculty)
Mike Rengel (Community Member)
Wayne Swenson (Retired Faculty)
Tony Rendz (’75)
Ed Strand (’70)
Jerry Ness (Superintendent)
Matt Lemke (School Board Member and ’92)
Mindy Fuder (Executive Director and ’97)

Grant/Scholarship: *Linda, Wayne, Scott, Dawn, Mary
Finance/Investment/Legacy Donors: *Ed, Bob, Robert, Mike, Nick, Scott
Marketing/Membership: *Mary, Linda, Dawn, Missy (Mattson), Terry
Alumni: Tom, Wayne, Tony
Golf: Tony
Kindred Groups: *Tony, Tom, Terry, Wayne
Executive: Linda (Pres.), Bob (VP), Dawn (Sec.), Robert (Treas.)

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