Superintendent – Lawrence Wermager
Principal – Ed Bechtel
President – Jerry Knudtson
Vice President – Nicky Bakken
Class Colors – Charcoal and Mint Green
Class Motto – “Today’s Seniors; tomorrow’s citizens.”
Class Flower – White Orchid
Homecoming King and Queen – Gene Donley and Doris Cichy

Foundation Donors (Updated 5/23)
McKinley Club
Delores Lillemon
Milt Hysjulien
Craig Campbell
David Nickel
O. Plenny Nelson
Nancy Bergstrom
Robert Anderson

Don Fick
Adams Club
Jacqueline Miller
Richard Baker
Orpha Hirst
Janet (Allison) Glaser
Carol Lillemoen
Iris (Thoen) Lund
Myron Johnson
Robert Williams 

Carol Harrier
Byron Stadsvold
Vernon Johnson
Cleveland Club
Patrick O’Keefe (Deceased)
Dr. Thomas Hyslop
Sheldon and Dora (Rix) Fossen
Lance Johnson
Jim and Janet (Hensch) Knapp
Orrie Leabo
Jerry Knudtson

Kennedy Club
David Peterson
Rod Kilde
Gene Donley
Barclay Greene
Jo Ann Arneson
Gary Froehlich
S. Christian Simonson
Linnaea (Hanson) Nelson

Class Gift
Roosevelt Club
David Nycklemoe
Maroon Club Gold Club Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $30,038.18

Reunion Information
For the next 4 years, the Class of 1956 will hold an annual class reunion the first Monday in August. (Not in 2020 though.)

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