Superintendent – Bob Block
Principal – Mark Sleeper
Assistant Principal – Steve Atchison
President – Justin Ayres
Vice President – Marc Newell
Secretary – Lindsey Abramson 
 – Amber Dohrer

Homecoming King and Queen – Jason Nelson and Stacey Leiser
Snoball King and Queen – Dustin Hanneman and Lindsey Abramson
Prom Theme – Only Time Will Tell

Foundation Donors (Updated 2/21)
McKinley Club
Robert Fitzgerald
Angie (Rustand) Polejewski
Melissa (Olson) Murray
LeAnn Jaenisch
Stacy (Lill) Hansel
Jenny (Bolstad) Sjoberg
Eric Ecker
Matt Morstad
Adams Club
Cristie (Ericson) Goepferd
Cleveland Club

Kennedy Club
Brian Fuder

Roosevelt Club
Maria (Larrivy) Hanson
Maroon Club
Gold Club Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $8669.97

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