Kent State. Mohammed Ali. Anti-war rallies. Monday Night Football. The Vikings losing the Super Bowl. Simon and Garfunkel. Disney World-Orlando. We Are Family – Pittsburgh Pirates. Hot Pants. Pet Rocks. Moon boots. Disco. Equal Rights Amendment. Cigarette advertising banned on radio and TV. Nixon. Star Wars. Watergate. The Godfather. Title IX. Mark Spitz. M*A*S*H. Pong. Roe v. Wade. Skylab. Billy Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs. Oil prices soar. Inflation. The Waltons. Happy Days. Mary Tyler Moore. Streaking. Hank Aaron. Jimmy Carter. Apple Computer. Stevie Wonder. New York City blackout. Saturday Night Fever. All in the Family. Jonestown. Huggies. Billy Joel. Elton John. Camp David. Three Mile Island. Post-it Notes. Saturday Night Live.

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