Superintendent – Lawrence Wermager
Principal – Ed Bechtel
President – Connie Kvernstoen
Vice President  Ryan Berg
Valedictorians – Gerald Worner and Elizabeth Preus
Class Colors – Royal Blue and Silver
Class Motto – “In ourselves our future lies.”
Class Flower  White Orchid
Homecoming King and Queen – David Olson and Connie Domholt

Foundation Donors (Updated 5/23)
McKinley Club
Karin (Barsness) Simonich
Pete Martinson
Earl Strande

David Mandelke
Diane Prischmann
Richard Berge
Rick Gutz
Allen Gundberg
Janice (Holte) Mittelstadt
Colleen (Wigdahl) Lee
Elaine Fick
Adams Club
Connie Evenson
James and Sandra (Koppe) Smith

Karen (Holt) Reid

Vickie (Burris) Extrand
Connie (Domholt) Wiese

Sandra Crawford
Roger Teberg
Cleveland Club
David Olson
Bob Warn
Duane Jensen

Kennedy Club
Mark Fredrickson
Jennifer (Steen) Mayer
John Skogmo (Deceased)
Loren Tungseth
Daniel and Carol (Anderson) Larson
Marsha Fuller
John Reinan
Steve Estenson
Mary (Rud) Beck
Alan Whipple
Susan (Smith) Clambey
Linda (Shaul) Rude

Roosevelt Club
Maroon Club
Gold Club
Otter Club
Total Class Donation – $24,983

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