Buckets and Cameras and Risers, Oh My!

October 9, 2020 by 544foundation

The Fergus Falls 544 Education Foundation awarded almost $34,000 in grants to the Fergus Falls School District at its October 8th board meeting.  The grants awarded are as follows:

  • $74.15 for two books and three sets of noise-canceling headphones for the Middle School Counseling Office
  • $225 for a 1-year single teacher license for the ESGI online assessment tool
  • $300 for sensory activities/materials/supports for students in the speech/language program at Adams Elementary School
  • $312 for math learning games, story prompt sticks and a set of King School Series books for a 1st grade classroom
  • $354.70 for 30 seat sacks for a 2nd grade classroom
  • $395 for distance learning materials, Legos and playsets for special education students at Adams Elementary School
  • $401 for creative building sets for a 3rd grade classroom
  • $441 for flexible seating for a 3rd grade classroom
  • $500 for parts for two supermileage cars
  • $670 for 5-gallon buckets and drumsticks (bucket drumming) for the 5th and 6th grade general music classes
  • $825 for math and literacy learning games and center activities for a 2nd grade classroom
  • $1,201.96 for two DSLR cameras for the yearbook class
  • $1,655.82 for STEM materials for the Otter Preschool program
  • $1,750 for Gizmos, an online science simulation program, for 7th and 8th grade science classes
  • $2,500 for graphics for the school district’s food service delivery truck
  • $4,020 for seating/risers for the music classroom at Adams Elementary School
  • $5,000 to be put towards two outdoor basketball courts at Kennedy Secondary School
  • $6,319.56 for protective sleeves for the student-issued Chromebooks
  • $6,781.95 for a virtual reality kit for the 4th grade classrooms at Cleveland Elementary School

Grand Total – $33,727.14

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