Another Record…544 Education Foundation Awards $63,000 in Grants!

November 20, 2018 by 544foundation

The 544 Education Foundation awarded over $63,600 in grants to the Fergus Falls School District at its October 11th board meeting.  The grants awarded are as follows:

  • $169 for an iPad Pro keyboard for the Choir Department
  • $445 for supplies for “out of the box” experiences for 7th and 8th grade science students
  • $447 for an iPad for the Special Education Department at Adams Elementary School
  • $518 for an iPad, case and Apple pencil for 7th grade language arts
  • $528 for an iPad Pro and Apple pencil for high school language arts and the STEM Program
  • $541.11 for a camera for the yearbook class
  • $576.95 for an iPad, case, Apple pencil and stand for an iQ Academy teacher
  • $839.88 for 12 wobble stools for a 5th grade classroom
  • $861.28 for supplies and equipment for the after-school Adams STEAM Team
  • $1095 for an alto saxophone for the Band Department
  • $1106 for an iPad Pro, Apple pencil and Apple keyboard for high school language arts and yearbook production
  • $1198.11 for an inclusive swing at Adams Elementary School
  • $1529.27 for 5 whiteboard tables, 4 wobble cushions and a storage unit for a first grade classroom
  • $2844 for 12 Chromebooks for a social studies classroom at the Area Learning Center
  • $3530 for a strap bender for the Welding Program
  • $3555 for 15 Chromebooks for a high school math classroom
  • $7110 for 30 Chromebooks for 5 5th grade classrooms
  • $8952.69 for 34 Chromebooks and a charging cart for a high school science classroom
  • $10,081.64 for 5 interactive whiteboards for 5 5th grade classrooms
  • $17,709 for 12 MacBook Pros (and dongles) for a portable computer lab at Kennedy Secondary School

Grand Total – $63,636.93

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