Otter Wallpaper Contest

March 19, 2018 by 544foundation

The Fergus Falls 544 Education Foundation is partnering with the Fergus Falls School District to offer the first ever “Otter Wallpaper” contest!

What? Wallpaper with otters on it for the walls in my house? No…wallpaper for your phone! You can download all sorts of fun images and designs off the internet – show everyone what your favorite color is, who your favorite sports team is, or how cute your kids and/or friends are. However, what if your favorite colors are maroon and gold, your favorite animal is an otter, and you want to let everyone know you go (or went to) Fergus Falls High School? Is there a wallpaper for that?

Nope…not yet…but soon! From now until May 11, students, staff, alumni and community members have the chance to submit their “otter wallpaper” designs. For more information and contest details, please click here.


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